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Asbestos Management

Asbestos Management

Having asbestos present on your premises is not necessarily problematic, provided it is managed correctly in line with the current regulations.
We help our clients by managing their risks by analysing their needs and providing professional and safe solutions.

The regulatory definition of managing asbestos risks is defined as follows:

Managing the risk means making sure that as far as reasonably practical no one can come to any harm from Asbestos on the premises.

(Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 – L127 ACoP 4(8) & (9) Paragraph 83).

Asbestos Management Service

Working closely with the client’s legal ‘Dutyholder’, our team locate and assess all accessible Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s) in building fabrics, plant equipment and historic objects.

Once identified, all asbestos risks can be fully assessed, and management plans implemented to minimise exposure and prevent the spread of asbestos. Our unique asbestos management documentation not only meets all regulatory requirements, but also ensures all asbestos information is easily and quickly understood so that daily management of ACM’s is a straightforward process, rather than a headache.

Asbestos Management Systems:

At Kadec we believe that if your asbestos information is quick, simple and easy to understand, more people will use it correctly and therefore instantly reduce everyone’s risks! So, we have developed a unique system to make your life easier.

Through our vast experience across a multitude of asbestos hazards in many different premises and environments, we have created a unique set of Asbestos Management Systems. Our system helps transform the standard Asbestos Management Survey Report (formerly Type 2) information into a simple, user friendly format that everyone can understand. It’s a single point of reference for all asbestos risks on any premises, containing everything required for complete legal compliance, all in one place.

Our Asbestos Management Systems meet the requirements of both the:

  • Control of Asbestos Regulations (Reg 4)
  • HSG264 Asbestos – The Survey Guide

Contact us to discover how you can develop your industry standard Asbestos Management Survey Report into a user-friendly document designed to make the workplace safer for everyone!