Asbestos Removal & Stabilisation

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    Gavin Timothy
    Case New Holland UK Ltd
  • “When they are on site, they do not cause any issues as they understand the site and any restrictions. They are always quick to respond to issues and requests for information. They always work to accommodate our needs”.

    National Railway Museum
  • “We’ve worked with Kadec on one major project plus several small ones and regard them as experts in their field”.

    Tracy Docking
    Reed Elsevier
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    Tom Davis
    Davis Construction
  • With regards to other companies, you are the best company by far – not only are you quick to compile your reports (which are in a easy to understand format and are great for members of staff who are not familiar with surveys, remediation and risk ratings), you are also the best priced. Due to your experience with historical objects and with the Science Museum collection, I feel comfortable with you handling the objects.

    Sarah Kirkham
    The Science Museum
  • Thank you for the excellent training. I think it is the best training I have received while working in the Museum sector – I’d highly recommend it!

    Museum Mutterings
Asbestos Removal

Removal and Stabilisation (Non-Licenced)

Asbestos removal can be complicated process, so we’ll assess your needs carefully to ensure every project is executed safely to protect all affected personnel. Whatever your asbestos problem, the Kadec team can design a suitable solution to remove or stabilise the asbestos hazard.

We allocate experienced project managers to all asbestos removal and stabilisation works in Essex to ensure the project meets client’s objectives, minimises exposure and prevent the spread of asbestos.

Our qualified team in Essex is specialised in the unique and diverse challenges faced by asbestos remediation. Currently operating in many industry sectors, our team have successfully delivered many projects where the normal approach simply didn’t work. For example, removing the ACM or applying thick coatings to encapsulate is not always suitable for clients. Working closely with specialists we have developed a selection of stabilisation products that dry to a clear finish and last significantly longer than the current industry products. Contact us to see exactly what asbestos removal options are available and best suited for you.

In line with the control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 Asbestos treatments are now classified in three separate categories.

  • Non-Licensed Work
  • Notifiable Non-Licensed Work
  • Licensed Work