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PaRaC Questionnaire

  • “Totally professional. Fast response. Thoroughly knowledgeable. Top quality service. I would have no hesitations recommending Kadec to anyone in need of Asbestos Management advice or training”.

    Gavin Timothy
    Case New Holland UK Ltd
  • “When they are on site, they do not cause any issues as they understand the site and any restrictions. They are always quick to respond to issues and requests for information. They always work to accommodate our needs”.

    National Railway Museum
  • “We’ve worked with Kadec on one major project plus several small ones and regard them as experts in their field”.

    Tracy Docking
    Reed Elsevier
  • “I have no problem recommending them to other businesses. I have found the professionalism of the staff plus the service and documents of a high standard”.

    Southend University Hospital
  • “The wealth of knowledge, advice and help that the friendly staff provide is a first-class service”.

    Tom Davis
    Davis Construction
  • With regards to other companies, you are the best company by far – not only are you quick to compile your reports (which are in a easy to understand format and are great for members of staff who are not familiar with surveys, remediation and risk ratings), you are also the best priced. Due to your experience with historical objects and with the Science Museum collection, I feel comfortable with you handling the objects.

    Sarah Kirkham
    The Science Museum
  • Thank you for the excellent training. I think it is the best training I have received while working in the Museum sector – I’d highly recommend it!

    Museum Mutterings

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Asbestos Management and Inspections for Museums and Historic Objects

Asbestos management in museums can be a challenging process, working in historic buildings with precious objects. Our experience in this sector is unrivalled: we have specifically trained teams dedicated to working in museums with historic collections.

From assessment through to project completion, our qualified asbestos inspectors are experienced in inspecting and assessing museum buildings, plant equipment and old objects. We pay particular care and attention to historically important and grade listed locations to minimise damage, whilst maximising the value of report results.

Kadec experience with both estates and collections departments is reflected by our assistance to create guidelines for Asbestos Management for historic objects in ‘HSG264 Asbestos – The Survey Guide’.

Asbestos Management and Inspections for Museums and Historic Objects
Asbestos Management and Inspections for Museums and Historic Objects

Historic Objects

Historic collections are an important part of our nation’s heritage. Being able to display objects in a museum is critical for telling stories about our past and informing the future. However, many objects contain hazardous materials that must be managed in line with EU Regulations and labelled accordingly. We identify and manage the risks to ensure such objects can still be used in museums displays.

Kadec has developed best-practice procedures for managing asbestos in historic objects. Our unique Preliminary Asbestos Risk Assessment Checklist (PaRAC) can be conducted by collections staff to help identify potential Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s).
This is a risk-free desktop exercise, used away from the object, which can be filed with the object records for future reference and form part of the Asbestos Register for the collections. Click here to fill it out.

Contact us to discover how you can develop your industry standard Asbestos Management Survey Report into a user-friendly document designed to make the workplace safer for everyone!